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Rules for submitting to Porn Link List:

To have your site accepted to this directory you are going to need to follow the rules listed below.
  1. You must me linking back to Porn link list with an approved recip you can find at the bottom of the page,Without this you don't stand a chance.
  2. The link must appear before the ENTER link on the first page.
  3. Your site must be a free site. That has been submitted to at least 5 other link list, No TGP galleries, no circle jerk sites, no tgp/mgp sites, no toplists.
    • This is your classic definition of a free site. Warning Page -> main page -> gallery pages
    • You can link to your galleris from the index page if you want. I don't have a problem with this.
  4. Your site must contain this much content to be accepted:
    • Pic Site: Must contain at least 20 pictures. 10 pictures per gallery page.
    • Movie Site: Must contain at least two minutes of video. Clips should at least be 10 seconds per clip and one minute of footage per gallery page.
  5. Site must have no pop ups! period. zero. nada.
  6. No blind or misleading links.
  7. Sites must be hosted on your own host that you have control over. No free hosting or revshare hosting. Hosting is VERY cheap these days.
  8. Site must be on your own domain.
  9. No text descriptions in META data or just on the page that would lead the surfer to believe the site contains illegal material. All content must be LEGAL content. You will be banned if you EVER submit something even hinting that the site provies this type of crap.
  10. Mix your templates up. I really do not want to just see the same template being used OVER and OVER again with new content in it. That's not to say that you can't use the same template. However, my goal is to list unique sites that provide an enjoyable experience to the surfer.
  11. This site should be a static site. No javascript stuff, no php pages that make the site dynamic. No counters on the page. Use your webstats to keep track of things. No iframes.
  12. I can accept and reject whatever I want. I reserve this right.
  13. Submit a clean free porn site that provides a smooth enjoyable experience to the surfer and it will be a win win for the both of us.

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Once in place and uploaded please procceed to email usHere

We don't use a submit form so please email us this info:
1) Your name
2) Your url
3) Your Title
4) A very unique and quality description

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